Year-End Resolutions

Why wait to set New Year’s Resolutions? Year-end Resolutions, here we go!

My latest BodyMindBliss yoga bootcamp starts tomorrow. I offer a week-long early-morning yoga practice like this a few times a year. It’s perfect for waking up my practice, both as a teacher and as a student. I encourage students to set an intention to carry them through the week, and I do the same: Better sleep. Less sugar. World Peace. That sort of thing.

This time, with Thanksgiving next week and my friends posting on Facebook about how they’ve already decorated for Christmas (How can you people be that amazing?! Also, come decorate my house!) I’m aware of how close we are to the new year, and the resolutions that go with it.

Oh, New Year’s Resolutions. So much hope, and so much stigma. They’re a catch-all for every complaint, fear, worry, anxiety, and far-fetched plan you could possibly imagine for being a better you. At least, that’s how I’ve done it. But I set ’em anyway.

Clichéd as resolution setting can be, that kind of intention feels like an essential step in making change. So it occurred to me that maybe I’ve been going about this resolutions gambit all wrong. Maybe a whole year leaves too much time for New Year’s Resolutions to go awry. I’m opting instead for Year-End Resolutions right now. Given the seven-week-window and end-of-the-calendar deadline, I’m thinking the built-in discipline might be just what I need to make good on some self-improvements I’ve been craving lately.

Genius, right?!

OK, here’s what really happened: I started to panic about going home for the holidays and having to hide out in my above-the-belly-button mom jeans and strategically untucked shirts. Holiday dinners, outings with long-ago friends, family photos. Lately, there’s been, ahem, a little more of me to love (can I still claim I’m “losing the baby weight” at two years postpartum?!). And more seriously, I have no cardio fitness to speak of.

Sure, I’d love to lose a few pounds (oh, there you are, waistline! hi!) but I’d really love to be able to walk up the hill from my friend Rebecca’s house without fear of taking my last breath. So during these next few weeks—the last few weeks of the year—I’m mindfully mixing that family-holiday-induced panic with some good sense about taking better care of myself. My year-end resolution is to practice these three small changes each week:

  • Cardio, even if it kills me! I love going to yoga and NIA, but these days, it feels like there’s no substitute for revving my heart rate. See you at CardioPump!
  • Food diary, FTW! If I’m gonna eat it up, I’ve got to be willing to write it down. (The food, of course, not the dairy. That’s online: is a free one.)
  • Sugar break up. Oh sugar, I love you, but you’re no good for me. It’s not me, sweetie, it’s you. So, so much of you.

So that’s it. My Year End Resolutions. Six, maybe seven, weeks to make a little progress toward healthier habits, and we’ll see what results. I’m nervous, but breathing, and eager to get started. This has got me looking forward to the Christmas holidays in a whole new way.

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