Alternative Cures for Colic?

This week, the journal Pediatrics published a review of research on complementary and alternative therapies for colic. I summarized the key findings in a post over at iVillage Pregnancy & Parenting. Without giving away the good stuff, I can say that the short of it is this: Patience and time are still the most reliable treatments.

The meta-review did find a few hopeful spots where additional research could strengthen the case for alternative therapies. Of course, that’s not much help when your child is inconsolable for 3 or more hours a night, from age 3 weeks til 3 months. About 5 to 20 percent of newborns and their parents endure colic, says Ari Brown, pediatrician, American Academy of Pediatricians spokesperson, and author of the Expecting 411 book series. She shares her take on the most promising alternative therapies for colic in the article at iVillage.


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