Dream Eggs

I love art projects. Here’s one I did a couple of weeks ago with my women’s circle: Drawing on the hopeful energy of springtime and the promise of fertility, we decorated eggs to express the dreams and intentions we’d most love to give birth to in our lives. The direction and inspiration for this project came from Baraka Elihu’s insightful year-long guidebook Birthing Ourselves into Being. (I highly recommend it if you’re craving a really rich experience of your own life.)

Decorating our eggs was so easy. That appeals to the novice artist in me, because I’m enthusiastic with artsy things, but rarely skillful!

These egg decorating instructions are simple:
1. Get an egg.
2. Get some markers.
3. Hold the egg carefully.
4. Use the markers to draw, squiggle, write, and color on the egg.
5. You’re an egg artiste!


I decorated my eggs in celebration of the kind of wife, mother, and writer I want to be am becoming. One of my eggs held the big intention of being the creator of ceremony and guardian of authenticity for my family. That sounds like a lot to unleash, so I’m just holding steady and breathing deep to see what that one brings.


After decorating my eggs, I held on to them for a few days, in the refrigerator of course. Then on a rainy but still nice day, I walked my land (and here I have to say that by “my land” I simply mean my backyard. Considering it in this more reverent way, though, I felt so tender toward my little place in the world. The gratitude was amazing!). So I walked my land—mindfully breathing, looking for the most beautiful spaces—and turned the eggs over to her, hiding them in grasses and under azaleas and beneath dogwoods.


Having mindfully named a few special intentions and taken the care to beautifully embellish them on delicate eggs, it was such a sweet feeling then to nestle those eggs in the mix of old leaves, new grasses, and fertile ground of springtime earth. And in the days following, I savored the warmth of having turned my intentions over to the universe to take root and bloom. Then, channeling the playful spirit of Easter celebrations to come, my oldest daughter found one of the eggs while playing outside.


She came running to me, carrying the egg fertile with my dreams of good motherhood—yes, that one!—which I had decorated in pinks and purples because those are my girls’ favorite colors. My daughter’s eyes were shining bright with the possibility that she had truly found an Easter Bunny egg (we’ve never talked about the Easter Bunny—how do kids learn these things?!).

Three things happened all at once:

1. I realized I wasn’t prepared to give a four-year-old an explanation about an art project based on the metaphor of fertility, eggs, intention, and birth.
2. It crossed my mind that any explanation that didn’t include the Easter Bunny, and any explanation that was less than truth, might wound my daughter’s heart.
3. It was instantly clear to me that these were “dream eggs” and I promised my daughter that she could make her own on Easter.


And that’s how I know that this intention –

I am the creator of ceremony and guardian of authenticity for my family, for the greater good of us all.

– so carefully placed among the gorgeous azaleas on my family’s land, is alive in my fertile heart and at work in my home right now.

Dream eggs on Easter, for sure.

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