Allison’s Blessingway

Oh how I love a blessingway!

My friend Allison is just a few weeks from becoming a mother again, to a second little boy. She’s a woman of deep Southern roots, roots that have borne spiritual blossoms.

Allison is a chiropractor with a healing touch, and more than once I’ve had profound energetic experiences at her hands as she’s woven Reiki into our sessions. Given how she’s grounded, it wasn’t a surprise when she mentioned an interest in a Blessingway to complement the traditional baby shower she’d generously been given by her family. Since I’d had to miss her shower, I was delighted and honored to help with her blessingway.

We gathered a sweet circle of a dozen women for an afternoon of ceremony to mark the wondertime of Allison’s pregnancy. The gathering gave her—and all of us, really—an occasion to simply pause, to breathe, and to honor the changes on the horizon: A woman preparing for birth, and her family preparing for three to become four.

In our circle, the ceremony was simple. A well-loved smudge stick became the “little smudge stick that could” as we lit—and relit, and again!—the pungent white sage leaves to clear the space and call in strength, guidance, and clarity for Allison’s birthing time. We each offered beads and blessings of love and support for Allison and her family.

Allison also had her belly, lovely and lopsided that day, captured in clay.

Tina McCullough of Blue Bell Gallery & Pottery Studio was there to create a Sweet Baby Belly Bowl (a keepsake intended for baby’s first bath or christening). Fitted to Allison’s belly, the bowl forever captures her and her baby’s beautiful shape.

The shape of a woman’s birthing time is a circle. The family circle, the circle of life, celebrated by a circle of women. Expansion, contraction, then baby, encircled in his mother’s arms. The shape of a birth necklace, the shape of a belly bowl: sacred reminders that a child and his mother are held in a circle of love.

At Allison’s blessingway, we held hands and spoke love from our hearts. Our words—in turn wise and mundane, poetic and clunky, elegant and edgy, and all so perfect and true—became blessings all around, for Allison and for us all.

*~*~*wishing you the birth of your dreams, my friend. xoxox*~*~*

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  1. Oh my gosh, those belly bowls are fabulous. I didn’t want a bell casting because I thought it was pretty impractical…but the belly bowl can be used for *something* afterwards. Ohhhh….thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Allison says:

    Thank you for a beautiful day to celebrate our impending birth and the warmth that only dear friends and loved ones gathered together can bring. Having you and all of these wonderful women in my life has changed the path of this birth for the better. Thank you for the support and encouragement.

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