Friday Reads

Two great reads from around the interweb today worth sharing:

This one, where eight midwives share their wisdom, in an excerpt from the new book Catching Babies by Geradine Simkins. I’m so grateful for everyone dedicated to helping women birth. What powerful work! Check out the story:

Catching Babies over at Spirituality & Health magazine.

No longer does a “normal birth” mean a new mother awakens in a haze to discover that her baby is no longer inside of her. Today, often with the help of midwives, women are fully present while giving birth. Once again, women are able to share something that connects them to all mothers, past and future. Once again we recognize a simple truth: how one is born, and how one gives birth, matters deeply.


And this one story on decluttering, which is a big thing for me right now as I create a nurturing, livable space for my family:

Decluttering as Zen Meditation from Leo Babauta over at Zenhabits.

  1. Clutter is a manifestation of a) holding onto the past and b) fear of what might happen in the future.
  2. Letting go of clutter is a way to live more mindfully and in the present.
  3. The act of decluttering itself can be a mindfulness practice.

I’ll be practicing a lot more of that kind of mindfulness as my decluttering work continues in June!

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