Julie Moon

Julie MoonJulie Moon, author of the Belly Button Bliss essay “A Whole New Person is in the World,” is a portrait photographer who loves working with babies, families, and pregnant mothers.  She is the daughter of a doula and has been around all things birth for many years.  She enjoys helping her friends through their journeys of childbirth by occasionally acting as their doula and by sharing her experiences with birth.

Julie lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband, Joe, and their three children: Savannah, Jackson, and Scarlett.  Though all Julie’s births were wonderful, unmedicated, and peaceful, Scarlett’s birth was truly fun.  Julie laughed throughout most of the labor with her room full of supporters: her mother, her daughter, her husband, her best friend, her photographer, her midwife, and her nurse. Scarlett’s birth was an amazing experience, and Julie is delighted to share it in Belly Button Bliss.

See Julie’s portrait work at www.juliemoonphotography.com.

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