Let’s Write Poetry!

Motherhood has its moments—and sometimes they are long ones—of zapping your energy and depleting your creativity. Sometimes, I find a little cure in trying a new or unusual activity. And that’s the inspiration behind today’s invitation.

Will you write a motherhood haiku?

I know. I don’t really write poetry either. (And if you do write poetry, I admire your creativity!) A long time ago, I was a prolific creatress of angsty teen poetry, but pragmatism has long since dug her deep roots into my psyche. So I’ve been seeking out more magic and playfulness, because, really, why not?! I’ve also been participating in this blog-a-day-in-the-month-of-May scheme, and a lot of us bloggety bloggers are having our own little haiku celebration on May 10. Because, really, why not?!

This Mother’s Day weekend, give yourself a few moments to breathe and then play with poetry. (More, in a moment, on how to write haiku if you’re rusty or uninitiated.) Jot a few little haikus on a napkin or a notepad, a nursing pad or a diaper liner. Whatever is handy, and mostly unsoiled.

OK, how to do it: In its simplest form, a haiku is a 3-line poem—in this case, about anything motherhood—that goes like this:

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables.

Over at Wikihow, there’s a more sophisticated how-to haiku explanation, and you can go that route too: Write about the “season” of “motherhood,” and weave two ideas into the poem. Draw a connection or make a leap between them, taking care that you’re neither too obvious nor too obscure. And of course, your poem will sparkle with detail and imagery.

Either way, write for your own delight, and then:

I’ll pick a few favorites and share them here on Tuesday, May 10.

Happy Haiku to you!


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  1. I am not a poet, but simplicity I adore . . .

    if you are a mom
    there are no more precious gifts
    than each little hand

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