Motherhood Haiku

Happy Tuesday Haiku to you! Writing little poem-notes of haiku feels like a short, joyful meditation to me. Doodling with words, then discovering that you’ve created something really quite wonderful, a masterpiece to call your own–that’s lovely.

Treat yourself to a moment to enjoy these creations … and add one of your own in the comments below!

  • Mother love gentle / Enveloping and constant / yet fierce, protective
    —Susan Fisher
  • Moms kiss our boo boos / And pick us up when we fall. / Even when we’re old.
    —Holley Mangham
  • First pregnancy? Wow! / You can’t know what you’re in for. / Hard work plus pure joy.
    —Stephanie Ring
  • We all had a mom / For maternity’s certain / At least there’s that
    –Christian Turner
  • Each day routine, yet / Wondrous, delightful, and new / Time slips as they grow
    —Sarah Richards
  • Joyful motherhood / Two children are grown and gone / Time for new births now
    Jackie Dishner
  • · If you are a mom / There are no more precious gifts / Than each little hand
    Tia Bach

And my poem-note…

  • Dear daughters giggle / Tumbling, snuggling with first light. / Best alarm clock evs!


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  1. I like your haikus!!! Nice job :)

    I am a dog mama…here is one of my haikus for my four-legged babies:

    We walk to the beach
    My good girls walking with me
    All our tails wagging.

  2. I’m so impressed with all the haikus today! It just shows how we are all rising to the challenges of Blogathon. It’s a great reminder to constantly challenge ourselves.

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