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When I’m not writing here, I’m sometimes writing over at AthensPatch. Nurture+Frolic is my take on mothering in my hometown. It’s a lot like what we do here at Mamahhh, only over there…

Here’s one about staying sane during the end-of-day parenting rush. The French make it sound so poetic — “between the dog and the wolf” — and some mama-friends make it totally manageable with their BTDT advice.

This was a parenting ah-ha for me: We can actually pick our own family traditions. Really. Start one this week! We’ve opted for an annual strawberry farm visit. Sweet and messy. Kids love it! We love that they nap in the car on the way there.

You can’t stop the curveballs from coming your way. This spring, our kind of crazy was a carjacking-turned-murder-turned-manhunt-turned-standoff. Suddenly, all my kid conversations–and I’m talking little kids–were about policemen and shootermen. Murder, death, jail. Please, somebody ask me about sex instead! I got a professional to weigh in on what to say about this one.

Thankfully, most of my parenting problems are really mundane by comparison. (I so hope yours are, too.) Like the fact that I’m not an arts-and-crafts whiz-mom. But that’s OK, because some amazingly talented women in my community–Kristen and Hope–offer these great art sessions at a hip little kids DIY shop called Treehouse.

And that’s what I’ve been up to over at AthensPatch! I’m there every other Thursday. Next up: May 19!


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