Spring Ritual: Technicolor Tie-Dyed Eggs

Just a few weeks ago, our family was celebrating the sweetness of spring and enjoying Easter weekend, which was truly a gift this year. Our daughters, nearing 5 and 3, are waking up to ritual and traditions. So this spring, we celebrated the way life renews, with color bursting forth in the springtime, as though cells and stuffs and the Earth itself are deliriously grateful for a world in full bloom. The littles didn’t quite say it that way, of course. Our version: technicolor tie-dyed eggs.

After my daughter discovered an egg art project I’d done earlier this year, I promised her we’d make dream eggs of our own at Easter. I’m not a naturally gifted crafter, but I was inspired by some tie-dyed egg projects I’d seen online. And besides, I’d put it out the universe that I wanted to be a “creator of ceremony” and “guardian of authenticity” for my family. So it seemed right on to take a chance on what might turn out to be a fabulous egg tie-dyeing tradition.

The project began with me gathering silk ties and cutting them apart. That took a couple hours on Easter eve. Blown eggs were next, and my husband took on that project. Breaking eggs together was a highlight of our Easter morning breakfast. My 4 year old helped wash a few of the emptied fragile shells, while my little one ran gleefully through the house playing dress up. As it should be.

Later that afternoon, while waiting on pork roast and other delicious dishes prepared by our friends hosting Easter dinner, we began the tie-dyeing in earnest.

We wrapped the eggs in the cut up silk ties, and again with the white lining from inside the tie. String wound around the eggs held the craft together. This step was too advanced for my 4 year old, but our friend Abney, who’s 10, got the hang of it quickly.


After we wrapped and tied the eggs, they boiled awhile, and then, the magic.

Meredith drained the water.


And we waited for the eggs to cool.
Anabel, waiting very cutely.


Finally, the unwinding:


And more unwinding..


At last! Color!


Although we’d seen many, many pictures of silk-tie-dyed eggs online, we were still so amazed to see our very own.


We couldn’t have been happier.

Alia might have been the happiest.


Then Anabel’s favorite part—stringing the tie-dyed shells with beads.


Truthfully, that might’ve been the moms’ favorite part, too.


Best. Easter. Ever.
In fact, this might be my new favorite holiday!


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