31 Posts of May

This blog got off to a slow start in March, launching with the Belly Button Bliss book signing at Blooma in my old hometown of Minneapolis. (love you, Minne!) I posted just a handful of times in March and April.

This blog needed some love.
OK, a lot of love!

So when one of my freelance writing colleagues –Michelle Rafter, accomplished techno journo and digital media blogger– announced she was hosting her annual Blogathon in May, I signed up. The only thing that ever cured my procrastination was a deadline, and Michelle’s mandate was that we blog 31 times in May, ideally once each day.

And now I’m 31 and done! I’ll just admit that I’m pretty pleased with myself. Not as pleased as when I birthed my babies, of course, but quite satisfied at bringing more care and attention to birthy, mothery topics here at Mamahhh.

A fellow Blogathoner introduced us to Tagxedo.com for word art, and Blogathon mastermind Michelle Rafter gave us props for our 31-days-o-blogging with her word creation.

I believe women have better birth experiences when they are informed about birthing options and when they feel supported throughout their pregnancy and on their birthing day. I think reclaiming birth as a rite of passage is important work for our time. And I am certain that mamas feel better about themselves as parents and as women when they are held in regard and heard with love by sister-mamas. That’s the good work unfolding here, and I am so glad you’re a part of it!

So as I move into June and strive to keep myself on task and on deadline, I’d love to know: What matters most to you as a mom or mom-to-be? What do you want to read & talk more about? Which posts here have been valuable to you? Would you please share your ideas for the blog here in the comments, or over at the Mamahhh facebook page?

with gratitude

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  1. Whoa! 31 posts in 31 days? *That* is impressive!

    Keep up the good work!

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