BodyMindBliss Yoga Bootcamp

Several weeks each year, I set my alarm realllly early and go teach yoga before the sun rises. Except for the waking-up-in-the-dark part, I absolutely love teaching these week-long intensives. Offering this practice reminds me of the magic of my month-long Forrest Yoga teacher training intensive. There’s something wonderful & powerful about stepping out of your regular routine and into an are-you-serious?! kind of experience.

That’s not to say that my one week class is anything like a teacher training, but let me tell you, when running a household with kiddos, holding up your end of the parenting & household chores partnership, and still getting through whatever kind of work it is you do in a day, yoga at oh-dark-hundred is quite the accomplishment. It’s also a deeply meaningful gift to yourself — your best quality of attention, lavished on you, first thing in the morning. Divine.

If you are in the Athens, Ga., area, you can join me for the next BodyMindBliss yoga bootcamp, July 11-15.

This one-week yoga bootcamp practice is designed to help you experience the breathing space within your own body and begin to unwind old patterns of thinking. Rise early to give yourself the gift of your best quality of attention in a heartfelt, challenging practice complete with pranayama, asana, and savasana. Deepen your breath, connect with your spirit, and discover how your mat practice enriches your life practice. July 11-15, 6am-7am, at Five Points Yoga.

If northeast Georgia is a bit out of your travel range, you can create your own yoga intensive experience at home.

So, whether you are near or far, pick a week, wake up early, and take good care to breathe and feel, and move your body. You can’t imagine how great a gift it is! {breathe, mama!}

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