Decluttering: Garage Sale Week!

This week, the path to a peaceful home requires dismantling our space and our schedule. Rooms are undone, and household routines are unrecognizable as we wreak this havoc. In four consecutive days of intense decluttering, I feel the house lightening up day by day. I feel me lightening bit by bit.

Closets are being cleared, unwanted items have a chance at a new life, and we can feel the energy flowing through our home brighter and better than ever.

The work of letting go of old stuff, even stuff we don’t use, feels like both liberation and loss. My children rummage through the garage sale box, grabbing for toys they haven’t touched in months. I pine to hang on to a handbag I haven’t used in years, and to a sun hat that isn’t even flattering. Let it go. Let it go.

Never had a magazine subscription I didn't like. Occupational hazard of being a freelance writer!

I’ve hired an organizer to help me make the tough choices, and simply to stay on task. The money from the garage sale will cover the organizing fees I’m racking up. It’s worth every penny. Julie, the organizer, is worth every penny. The friendly connection we’ve had with her as our family photographer has deepened into genuine friendship while working together for days to unpack boxes and into the nights clearing cabinets. She brings grace and humor to the hard work of choosing what to donate, what to sell, what to keep and why.

Those perfectly good pants that no longer fit this body so profoundly changed by birth and motherhood. That hilariously packed box labeled  “random paper” that totally lived up to its name. Those endearing keepsakes that serve only to remind us of what was, and who was, and why the heart swells at this memory or that one.

It’s not easy to let go. But the space! The freedom! The sheer good feeling of it all, to sit in a quiet, tranquil space of my own.

For the mamas who do this with ease, I give a little bow to you. For those who think it sounds just dreamy, I say Yes!

What’s your decluttering story? And dear me, please give me some advice for surviving this weekend’s garage sale!!! I’m a total novice!


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