Birth with Confidence

This week here at Mamahhh, moms and moms-to-be shared their thoughts about what gave them confidence for labor and birth. From ipods to Ina May, here’s wishing you the confidence you need for a beautiful birth! ~xoxox, jenni

  • A couple things gave me confidence during the labor and birth of my twins in January of this year. The first was a really comprehensive Lamaze class. I felt totally prepared and confident in my ability to labor and give birth the way I wanted after 4 weeks of class. The second was my labor support team – my two amazing doulas, my loving husband, and my kind and empowering OB. I knew that with those wonderful souls surrounding me, I could bring these two sweet new souls into the world. Jess
  • My babies were born in the early- and mid-80s. The only books I had read about birth were Ina May Gaskin’s first book [Spiritual Midwifery] and midwifery texts. I saw many animal births growing up in a rural area and knew that my body would do what it needed to do. I did not fear birth, was excited about experiencing labor and this is what served me best. –Laura
  • My two labors were so vastly different that there were different things that helped me through. The first was my miracle, my son… having my loved ones there, holding my hand, telling me it was ok, knowing I was going to be a mother which was something I so wanted but never thought I would have. My second, my daughter… Her birth was so special, she is my VBAC baby. I had exactly what I needed, tough love from my doctor, telling me I could do it. –Nikki
  • The thing that gave me the most confidence during my recent (May 14) VBAC was knowing a lot of women had my back! The mamas of ICAN of Atlanta, the members of the yahoo groups for HBAC and Hypnobabies, and the women who participated in my blessingway were all very much present during the amazing and transformative experience. And, of course, my two awesome doulas had a lot to do with it as well! They all believed in me, and it allowed me to believe in myself. –Shoshanah
  • 3 things gave me confidence during my labor and birth: my husband, my lavendar eye pillow, and my ipod “labor” playlist! –Buffy
  • The real confidence that was given to me was through my birth partners — my husband and mother. The hospital I was at, I felt like they just left me, and they wouldn’t allow me out of bed. And my OB was just…ugh. Never again with her, ever. She actually made me swear off a second child for awhile because I didn’t want the same experience again. Chris
  • I couldn’t wait to meet my little man, and not having a rigid birth plan really took the edge off and made me feel more confident. All we wanted was a healthy baby, how he got here was fairly flexible. –Jenny
  • My confidence came from two things: one, my mother was an awesome influence and truly an inspiration in believing in the birth you want and envisioning that happening. The other came from knowledge. My husband and I were just discussing today fear being the opposite of knowledge. I took a great class and learned so much about my fears, my body and the power I possessed. Julie
  • What gave me confidence during birth and labor? Water to drink, holding my husband’s hand, and walking around outside. Deep breaths reminding me to trust my body. Patty

Thanks to the mamas for sharing what gave them confidence! For more birthing inspiration, check out Belly Button Bliss: A Small Collection of Happy Birth Stories.

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