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For this week’s Inspiration Workshop, Gussy Sews wants to know: What inspires?

I owe a little apology to the mamas attending my prenatal yoga classes the past few months: I’ve been slacking on the soundtrack, which means I’ve been coming up short on bringing a little inspiration to your birthing day. My ipod and I have been having a mini-standoff of sorts (oh, tech and tunes, you are not my forté!), and so I have been missing one of my favorite artists: Snatam Kaur.

The heavenly voice of Snatam is always a favorite among prenatal mamas. Her Grace album, in particular, is truly divine. “By thy Grace,” “Long Time Sun,” and this one, “Ong Namo” make it onto a lot of labor playlists:

So much beauty, so inspiring! Snatam’s music helped me connect with the little life growing within and with my own sense of spirit. She seems to have that affect–soothing, uplifting, reassuring, inspiring–on lots of prenatal mamas. And I pledge to get her back on my ipod for the beautiful women currently dancing their way through prenatal yoga toward the birth they’d most love to have.

Encouraging women to have the birth of their dreams — that’s what inspires me!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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