Dancing with my Daughters

Three years ago, more or less to the day, I was just a few days shy of 40 weeks pregnant with my second baby. We lived in Minneapolis at the time, and the amazing Krishna Das was in town. With my belly full, I ventured out to the kirtan, surrounded by yoga mamas, music lovers, and KD devotees. The call-and-response music moved through my body, the deep rhythms vibrating with bliss and lifting my heart. I danced with my little one nestled in my pelvis, and about a week later, we danced again as she made her way into the world. I’d hoped that the powerful intonations and the sound of voices united might bring on her labor.

About two years before that, I’d attended another concert, Damien Rice, while pregnant with my first daughter. I loved how the sound filled the auditorium, and I felt the music in my cells. Surely, the girl I carried in my ripe, rounded belly felt it too. I luxuriated in the sensation of the kicks from baby within and the embrace of the music from without.

Tonight, another concert. This time, my belly is my own, and the dance I’ll share with my girls will take place with all of us on our own feet, twirling and swirling with the sound of voices surrounding us. The kirtan is with Rahasya and Bhakti Messenger. While the performers are new to me, the intention behind the music is familiar and true: hearts and voices, united in shared space. I wait with wonder to know what joys this musical night will bring us!

What musical experiences have you shared with your children, in utero and on the sweet, green earth?


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