My Vision Board: More Bravos Make You Smile

Eight of us mamas sprawled on the floor of my living room, magazines, scissors, and glitter pens strewn about. We pored over words and images, searching for just the right ones to express hopes, dreams, questions, and answers for the rest of the year to come. We worked intently on our vision boards, with spirits and hopes high, moving easily between reflective quiet and a month’s worth of conversation.

We’d intended this project would happen at one of our first monthly meetings of the year, but in our circle, three mamas have had babies in the past 3 months, four of us are nursing little ones, one mama is training to be a midwife, and all of us are beckoned by big decisions, unexpected changes, and small but significant shifts.(You know, the usual!)

Moving through the mid-point of the year, we immersed ourselves in the churning waters of our lives, felt sands shifting beneath our feet, and greeted shorelines at once familiar and new.

In this way, visioning work in mid-year felt just right. Having created a Vision Board back in January, I looked again at the intentions I’d set months ago, delighting in what I had forecasted and marveling at how ideas I’d had were shifting slightly and for the better.

Looking at the boards created in our circle, I saw visions of:

-remaining days of summer freedom, mindful movement, deeply nourishing heart and soul,

-healthier, more soulful eating; a desire for more fulfilling ways to parent beyond “just” getting baby to sleep; and finding more passion for and meaning in work,

-and an open question about place, space, home, heart, and how the four intertwine and connect.

For my own board, I envisioned the best for a project I dearly want to get off the ground in the next month, certain qualities in myself that I want to nurture, a funny mix of phrases that revealed what feels like a profound truth (More bravos make you smile!), and possibilities from the first of the year that I want to return to, refreshed and rededicated.

The title of my board is captured in a small label, but one that sets a big theme for the rest of my year: the Art of Craft … the art of my craft as a writer, the art of crafting a spiritual practice, the art of crafting and creating with my children (literally, hands on cutting pasting glittering painting gluing), and the art of parenting them.

Opposite the “Art of Craft,” the sentiment is “efficient by nature,” because I’m longing for more time outside, connecting with land and sky, water and wildlife, for inspiration. A picture of metal art—the image of a tree—reminds me of a piece I’ve seen at a local home store and have been drawn to for months (Go get it!).

Another wild world image that caught my eye is a picture of a woman beneath a tree, with the words “constructive meditation … go outside and create art from the world around you.” What more to say than “yes!”

I included a picture to inspire beauty in my office, which is one of the final frontiers in my great home decluttering project. “Kind design” is what I’m keeping in mind. To me, that means simple, elegant, beautiful, meaningful, and inexpensive. One idea—3 small framed pictures of yogis in beautiful poses that remind me of my favorite body practice—perfectly exemplifies that.

Two cravings made their way on to this new Vision Board: one for financial prosperity and one for deeper spiritual connection. A single quote summed those up: “Let us insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the kingdom of God.” –Mother Teresa

Personal, if obvious, translation … focus on spiritual ritual and don’t worry about the rest of it!

For all the intentional things expressed on my vision board, there is one–“Interpreting the Dream”–that feels so magical. I keep getting pinged about dreams. I have dreams for my day-time, in my home life and work life. But I do not have them, literally, in my night-time. Two of my teachers in the past month have offered teachings about dreams witnessed in sleep. So I’m listening. And the first thing I’m hearing is that if I want dreams to interpret, I need more sleep. In this moment, I am setting an intention for that sleep: I sleep deeply, soundly, and dreamily every night, and when I wake, the dream is my good guide to a happy, healthy life.

And so I will see (I do see!) what 2011 holds as the days grow shorter, and the nights grow longer and more dreamy, from now through year’s end.

What’s up for you, for the rest of your year? Do share, dear women!


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  1. Your vision boards are amazing. It’s one thing to read about them but by including the photos is makes them so much more powerful. Thank you all for sharing.

  2. This is fantastic! I love to see vision boards created. By the look of your photos, you were all immersed and enjoying the process! Believe it or not, I have seen people create their vision boards with scowls, frowns, and misery all over their face as they are cutting, pasting, and designing them. What is that about?? But not in your group!

    And what a great environment you created them in! Surrounded by love with your friends. I can only imagine the energy that was flowing in the room during that time.

    I wrote a few posts on Vision Boards – you can see one of them here:

    Again, thanks for sharing. You are bold and courageous displaying your Vision Board and your most inner desires with the world! With an attitude like that, it is only time until you achieve everything that is on there!

    Be Well.

  3. Mission, Vision, Goals…
    Whether put to writing or via images… the result is the same.
    May yours be fully accomplished.

  4. Love this post. Vision boards are so inspiring… hope you accomplish what you set out to!

    Candace Davies

  5. This is such a great idea! I’m totally scheduling a girls night!

  6. I’ve always wanted to do one of these. Now you’ve inspired me to get started!

  7. Ooh, this post oozed with love and spirit, along with creativity! I love making vision boards and just letting them simmer in the background of my life. Things will show up in my life and later, I’ll see it was on my vision board. I think this post reminded me that I need a new one since my vision has changed a bit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I love vision boards. I’ve created a few in my lifetime. It’s so interesting that an ad for something totally different, fits my dream and says it better in picture or words than I could have thought. Keep going.

  9. Love the post, but the photos made it come alive with the vibrant images! Bravo! Bravo!
    Dream On!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your vision boards!! I love vision boards and enjoy seeing what others are inspired to create. This post brought us all into your experience and it was so much fun! Good luck to you and all of the others in your group. You are every one awesome!

  11. Page McCormick says:

    How inspiring – I want to make one! I’ve got so many new things going on this year I’m convinced a vision board, maybe even made with my husband, would help remind us of what our vision is or could be. I love hearing about your intentions:)

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