What Makes Birth Magical?

I just got home from teaching prenatal yoga, and I was reminded how easy it is to lose sight of the magic of birth. First-time mamas are sorting out the dozens of details about care providers, what’s normal, hormonal ups and downs, what clothes to put on a suddenly unfamiliar body, expectations from extended family, and so, so much more. Second-time (and beyond!) mamas are coping with childcare arrangements, wondering about VBACs, dealing with the emotional leftovers of previous birth experiences, and trying to figure out why this pregnancy is nothing like the last one, or struggling with whether it will be exactly like the last one. It’s just so much.

Shhhhhhh. Rest.

What makes birth magical? I invite you to make a list, and please share it with us. It can be a magical list, meaning it’s your ideal wonder-birth. It can be a true list, what happened for you that was amazing. It can be a list that describes the birth you’d most like to have.

Thinking back on my two births, I’m profoundly grateful for the magical moments. These are the ones I want to hang on to, and hand down to my daughters.

  1. The support of my husband and doula
  2. Having my belly celebrated with henna at my blessingway
  3. My birthing necklace
  4. Being supported by midwives
  5. Birthing big babies (8lbs3oz and 10lbs)
  6. The walk from the parking lot to the maternity floor. It felt like a parade!
  7. The walk my husband and I shared in the early hours of the morning of my first daughter’s birth
  8. Resting on the birth ball with the warm water of the shower on my back, while my husband fed me grapes
  9. This one, super-long, crazy big contraction with my second daughter that lets us know we’d be meeting her sooner rather than later
  10. With both babies, the earthy, heavenly smell of their bodies when they first rested on my chest.

Mamas, what moments were magic for you?

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  1. Beautiful- thanks for that soo lovely reminder for our mamas, you rock !

    • Thanks, Lucia! We hear so much about the hard things about birth. Seems like we ought to give some air time to the good, too!

  2. -the peace and ease of a natural birth I experience during my second birth thanks to my doula and midwife. ( which i did not have for my first birth)
    -The look on my husbands face, I have only seen him make this look twice in my life. It was when he was holding his children and looking into their eyes for the first time after their births.
    -the sweet little face looking up at you the first time they latch is forever etched in my mind:)

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