The Big News: How did you announce your pregnancy?

Last week, I found out that one of my former prenatal yoga students, Buffy, will soon be back on the mat: She and her husband are expecting their second little one.

Her reveal was pretty spectacular, I thought. She broke the news to her friends on Facebook by sharing a video that captured the moment when she tells her mother she’s pregnant again.

The video of her mom is the sweetest thing, and it had me all teared up.

Here’s how Buffy broke the news to her mom:

I love when her mom says, “No wonder you look so beautiful!” What a great mom! What a great gift from her daughter!

Then, NPR had me feeling a little weepy today, too, over another birth announcement. The Studio 360 program presented an I Love Lucy retrospective (originally aired October 2010), and part of the conversation included how the show handled Lucy’s pregnancy. Husband-and-wife Lucy and Desi on the show were, of course, Lucille and Desi in real life. So when real-life Lucille got pregnant, silver-screen Lucy did too. In 1950s America, this was revolutionary stuff. The writers never let it be said that Lucy was “pregnant”—too risqué!—only that she was “expecting.” In the episode when Lucy tells Desi she’s pregnant, the setup is that she’s been unable to break the news to him all day. So she goes to his performance, writes a note with the news, and asks the host to hand it to Desi. Except Lucy hasn’t signed the note. Here’s how it plays out:

When I heard this clip on NPR, Desi’s a-ha moment had me grinning like a fool and brushing a tear away. Watching the clip and seeing Lucy’s real tears as Desi serenades her … pass the tissues!

Finding out I was pregnant didn’t include as dramatic a “reveal,” but it was still plenty emotional. My husband and I found out together—huddled over a plastic stick, waiting for the plus sign to appear—that we were expecting. The intense rush of feelings was my first hint that we were starting something big. Transformative. Spiritual. Not that I’d thought creating a life was any small thing! But there was just no comparison between thinking about a baby and actually feeling the weight and wonder of our next steps as a family.

Now, looking back, I marvel at how that first strong wave of emotion foreshadowed another, stronger wave: the one that came when we held our daughter in our arms. The moment and the emotion were utterly beyond this world, at both of my births. Even the memory carries a spiritual charge to it. What a blessing!

Reveal stories are magical to me, even the mundane ones like my own: We stood over a stick and did a little dance because of a plus sign! I’d love to hear your story, too!

How did you tell your partner you were pregnant? How did you tell your family?

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