Your Perfectly Pregnant Body: A Meditation

After a short, sweet prenatal yoga practice last night (the Be Blooma Well prenatal yoga DVD is similar), I offered the moms-to-be a gentle pregnancy meditation to nourish their beautiful round bellies and awe-inspiring bodies. It went something like this:

Your body is miraculous, growing another body within. Every cell bears strength. Your bones, your muscles, your tendons and ligaments—all of you, resilient and responsive as your body changes and your baby grows.

Your hormonal system is a wonder and a mystery. It communicates, between your cells and your baby’s cells, an agreement to begin to birth—a subtle conversation that is powerful beyond our understanding. All of this, beautiful.

The twin gifts of your intellect and your intuition, dear one, have you poised for birth. Educated and inspired, you dare to prepare for the birth you would most like to have, even as you sit with the edgy truth: You cannot script this. But you can draw deep on the wisdom of women who’ve birthed before you. Moment by moment, breath by beloved breath, you dance—a salsa or a waltz, maybe a little hip hop that leads to a timeless tango—you dance, and your baby dances with you.

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  1. Jennifer Toamsevic says:

    Thanks for the inpsiring reminders and rhythms you give each class as tools for us to use!

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