Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – Car Nap

Parked in front of Office Depot, the warmth of the fall sun heated the car to a perfectly cozy temperature. My 5-year-old slept in her carseat, and my 3-year-old had just awoken from her car nap. She and my husband ventured in to take care of the next errand on our afternoon to-do list.

They—my girls—rarely nap anymore. But once a week or so, when we’ve played hard all day, or school  has worn them out by week’s end, they give themselves over to a little rest. I understand their resistance. I’m not a good napper, never have been. Even exhausted in the middle of an afternoon, my silly brain powers through.

But not today. Today, after the Homecoming picnic, after the Fall Festival, after the first few stops on our 7-stop errands tour, I gave in. I eased the seat back just enough to rest my head without cranking my neck. I wrapped myself up in my own arms. I savored the sun. I slept.

Catnap. Mamahhh Self-Care Month November 2011

Sweet dreams, whenever, wherever you have them!

Do you have a naptime practice? Share in the comments!


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  1. I envy you! I would give anything for a nap most days… sigh. (btw… love your blog)

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