Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – Go To Sleep

We pulled into Nashville late last night and rose early this morning. Doubly early, really, what with the daylight savings time boosting the time zone change. East coast to central. How will we adjust to life that  begins before 8am, after settling in so nicely to days that get rolling at 9?

That will have to be a self-care question for another day! Tonight, I am tired. And even my night owl self is going along with the wishes of my higher self, the one who’s after a night of peaceful dreaming: We are going to bed, all of me, before 10pm. I cannot even imagine the last time such an event occurred!

But I know that it’s happening tonight. I am going to sleep, overwhelmed from a day of considering rental houses and school districts and the inconsistencies of GPS in a new-to-us town. Even with moments of self-care scattered throughout—plenty of breaks for the kids, snack times and meal times, a luxurious hour in the park—it was a very long day.

And so, the kindest self-care of all: I’m off to bed!


How often do you give yourself the gift of good sleep? It’s a new practice for me, one I’ve needed for a long time. I’d love to hear how you treat yourself well in this area!!


Mamahhh’s Month of Self-CareMamahhh Self-Care Month November 2011

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