40 Minutes Later…

Today is that day. The one with so much to do that it feels impossible to know where to begin. The day when my work-from-home status isn’t sure whether it’s dedicated to clean-the-house work, pay-the-bills work, feed-the-soul work, or keep-this-whole-Mann-Fam-operation-afloat work.

I’m stuck. Every room in the house calls for my attention and a claim on my time. I want to snuggle up with the DVR remote and clear that sucker out … 2 episodes of a show I don’t even like yet … 4 doses of 30 Rock … a nerd-heaven documentary about dolphins. The brain candy awaits, right. over. there!

But right in front of me: the kids artwork, yesterday’s dishes, this month’s mail. Digital to-do Wunderlists hiding out in my phone. IRL to-do piles hanging out, oh, everywhere. Each one demanding, “Me, me, me! Pick me!”




Sooo: I went to get you that link to Wunderlist, and 40 minutes later, finally, I’m back. The lists and piles are still hanging around. The projects are all still untouched, but at least the desire for snuggle time with the DVR has passed! And I’ve learned a few little things this morning, Here, let me save you some time :-)  …

It occurs to me that what I’ve really learned this morning is that I need my very own babysitter to keep me on track my creative process, my work process, is far from linear. It weaves and winds into places expected and unexpected, traditional and unconventional, informative and inspirational.

Also not linear? The workaday life of raising a family, caring for a household, aligning with your soul’s purpose, attempting to make a positive contribution to this human experience … nothing much about that is straightforward. In the spiraling and the reframing, I’m finding that if there’s anything direct about the path, it’s that it is–kindly, blessedly, generously–leading me straight away from my own self-judgment. How I spent my time this morning is totally OK! How I’m raising my children is alright! The way I’m learning and changing and growing–right on!

What a relief that is!

Instead of being stuck, I’m sitting with possibilities.
Instead of getting things right or wrong, I’m checking things out.
Instead of playing the taskmaster, I’m enjoying my work.
Instead of failing, I’m learning.

That feels like a lesson worth passing on to my kiddos. So, now that the real work for today is done, I can get back to these projects and piles!

What’s working for you today, dear mama? Share it in the comments!

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