Laughing and Lactating

True story: I recently saw a mama leak milk while laughing. There weren’t any babies around at the time, so that wasn’t the cause of her leak. In fact, we were laughing just for the sake of laughing when the lactating started.

Has this happened to you?

In this case, there were about 20 of us women circled up, all part of the Blooma Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. As part of a teaching exercise, we were practicing laughter yoga, with each woman taking a turn laughing intentionally. In other words, our laughter wasn’t fake, just not spontaneous.

But as our laughs made their way around the circle, that changed. A few spontaneous giggles erupted, and then our lactating mama pointed out the wet spot on her shirt. At which point, we all–mothers, doulas, midwives, yoga teachers–lost it!

Our laughing lactator later shared with us that her supply is low and she’s fighting what feels like a losing battle to continue nursing her son. Her experience with laughter and lactating got me thinking:

Could intentional laughter really help with low supply?

How about it, mamas? Have you had an experience with laughter or relaxation and nursing? Have you tried laughter yoga? Think it could help with breastfeeding? Would love to hear your story in the comments!

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  1. Hey… that was me! Hahah!
    I wanted to share that there were several times (whle I was trying to breastfeed and still pumping) that I was either very relaxed or in a good mood, and I got about an ounce more than normal. I also wonder about laughter yoga… I bet it would help!!

    • Anna, thanks for the update on your laughing & lactating! That was, I think, the best moment of training that day :-) You’re an amazing mama & woman!

  2. My friend Jessalynn thought I might like your blog. I struggled with low supply with my first, and I’m expecting twins in June. Planning on breastfeeding again and will have to remember to relax and laugh a lot. :)

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