Is Your Self Care a Pile of Poop?

As I pulled into the driveway at a friend’s house this weekend, I noticed her in the backyard. She had on her cozy sweater (don’t we all have that sweater?!), well-loved pajama pants, and a pair of hard-soled slippers.

Then I noticed the plastic bag in one hand and the shovel in the other. She was scooping the dog poop.

I went around back and teased her about the glamorous chore. She laughed, and then confessed: With a baby and a just-turned-3-year-old, she no longer had time for gardening. Picking up dog poop was about as close as she got, she said, and actually, it had a sort of meditative quality to it.

I promised her she was about to become an anecdote in my self-care evangelizing! We laughed, but I totally understood that she wasn’t exactly joking about taking her self-care any way she could get it. And I certainly wasn’t judging: I often find a little mental rest in chores, too. For me, it’s loading the dishwasher. (Decidedly less smelly!)

Such contemplative scooping and loading reminds me how, in Hand Wash Cold, the so-thoughtful Karen Maezen Miller elevates the seemingly mundane chores of our lives to the level of gifts, each an act of kindness we bestow on our families. That is beautiful. I love that teaching from Karen’s Zen Buddhist perspective.

But also …

But also!!

If your self-care is all dishwashers and doggie bags, it may be time to consider an upgrade. You can start with just one day. A half day, at that!

If you’re in Athens GA, won’t you join me for a Spring Renewal Self-Care Retreat at womanspace? On Saturday, March 10, we’ll do a light and easy yoga practice, complete a few journaling exercises to help you uncover the kinds of self-care that most delight your spirit, and create a visual plan for your spring season of self-care.

Get the details and sign-up info for recharging your batteries here. (Earlybird registration ends March 1!)

And whether or not you’re in Athens, I’d love to know: IS your self-care a pile of poop?! What’s new for you lately in your effort to take care of yourself so you can be present (a gift!) for your family? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!



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