The Baby Comes Out Where??

Why aren’t women educating themselves about childbirth?

If our rising maternal death rate, high Cesarean-section rate, and abysmal childbirth education attendance isn’t enough to prove—or at least strongly suggest—the need for more education about birth, let me share this with you:

Early in my 20s, when I had it all figured out but was typically clueless about life, a pregnant friend who was a few years older posed an important question:

“Where exactly,” she asked, “does the baby come out?”

She was clear about her basic bodily functions, namely elimination (or, in the mommy vernacular I now speak: pooing and peeing). And the vagina didn’t seem all that mysterious. After all, she’d had some experience with periods and penises.

But my sweet friend was not at all clear on what to make of those bodily inlets and outlets when it came to getting a baby out of her body for the first time. Her question about which “hole” the baby would emerge from was entirely serious.

Now that I’m raising children of my own, children who are very curious about all things birth and baby, I agree: It’s a serious question for sure!

I admit, I laughed at my friend’s confusion back then. It’s crazy, right, to not know these things about our bodies?! Then again…

Really consider the question for a moment. Can you explain to your child where babies normally make their exit from the womb? And for bonus points, explain how a baby gets out of your body and into your arms. (Birth professionals, we know you know! So you get to play along only if you can skip the technical terms!)

Let’s hear it mamas! In plain, little kid terms, how does a baby get out of its mommy’s belly? And if you can answer the question with ease, how’d you get so well-informed about birth?

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  1. My 3+ year old knows his little brother was in my belly growing and getting healthy enough to come out before he was born, knows his mommy has a vagina instead of a penis like him, and knows what a tunnel is. So, I guess one way to explain it would be that once his brother was ready to leave mommy’s belly, there is a tunnel that connects mommy’s belly to her vagina (or whatever term your family uses) that his brother went through and at the end of the tunnel was mommy’s vagina, which led to his way out of mommy’s body so he could be with us.

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