Dear Retailers, Get Your T-Shirt Off My Fallopian Tubes

UPDATE: Sears pulled the shirts from its site after getting the message via social media (3/6, mid-day). For now, the shirts can still be found on Amazon. The supplier of these ridiculous shirts, 99volt, appears to have removed them from its site.

“Find everything you need to make your house a home” boasts Sears.

Apparently, that includes t-shirts that say “Don’t make me kick you in the birth canal” and “Don’t make me kick you in the fallopian tubes“.

Really, Sears? There shouldn’t even be search results for “birth canal” or “fallopian tubes” on your site, let alone links to shirts like these.

My friend Carol wrote this awesome letter to Sears customer service:

Dear Sears,

“Don’t make me kick you in the birth canal”? “Don’t make me kick you in the fallopian tubes”? “Nice girls don’t use pepper spray”?
In children’s sizes? Are you kidding me?

How about these instead:
“Sears: Where American Misogynists Shop”
“Don’t make me kick you in your slim profit margin”

Carol Holstead

Sears Anti-Woman Birth Canal T-ShirtFeel free to share widely and to write to Sears letting them know that there’s really nothing funny about promoting violence toward women on t-shirts. Especially on t-shirts sized for men and kids.

Go to Sears’ site and use their handy “feedback” link. It’s on the top right-hand side of their page. Let them know that their anti-women apparel has got to go.

You can reach out to @Sears on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Sheesh, Sears. Do better!

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