Spring Break: This is Gonna be Cake, Right?

Happy Spring Break week! Given the weekend, it’s actually Day 3 for “Camp Mommy” and the deep breathing to keep my cool for 9 days of all-day parenting has begun! (Full-time stay-at-home mamas, I bow! And, please send ideas!)

The plan for Camp Mommy is to fill the week with creative activities as much for my enjoyment as for the kids’. One of the greatest gifts of my pregnancy and motherhood journey over the past 6 or so years has been finding may way back to a love of artsy and crafty things for the pure pleasure of creating. By any kind of cultural standards, I’m no artiste, but playing one here in the midst of motherhood has given me confidence that I can pull off creative, inspiring feats of art—at least in the eyes of my kiddos and the space of my own heart. (Hint: You are totally great at this, too, whether or not you know it!)

So today’s art is culinary. We’re making a chocolate cake in honor of it being Monday at 9:30am and my wedding anniversary. (Seven years! Thank you, dear husband!) The girls and I are using recipes from Real Simple and All Recipes.

The Cake

The Frosting

We’ll report back on how it goes!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your best-ever baking experience with your children, or with your mother.

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  1. Now I REALLY wish you were still down the street. Yum! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Happy anniversary, Jenni!

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