7 Days of Self-Care: Day 2

This week, unwrap the gift of 35 ways to experience and appreciate self-care. Sometimes self-care is big, like spa day or date night. More often, it’s a state of mind that embraces you and centers you in compassion. Sometimes self-care requires a little planning. Other times, you simply need acknowledge the goddess that is *you* in the moment. Come back to your center, beloved. Remember that you are enough, just as you are, the crown Mama jewel.


“Self-care is the development of your highest self.” ~ Rachel Harris, PhD, author of 20-Minute Retreats: Revive Yourself in Just Minutes a Day with Simple, Self-Led Practices

5 more ways to elevate your self-care…

6. Take yourself on a date ~ solo!
7. Date your partner
8. Upgrade your media
9. Read for pleasure
10. Take a beauty break

6. Take yourself on a date ~ solo! – Pick a favorite coffee shop or restaurant, or head to the nearest park or trails. This isn’t about running errands on your own, but taking a short time to sit quietly, breathe your breath, and be in your body. Observe the world. Take in the beauty. Let gratitude for the goodness in your own life—the gift of your children and family—resurface from beneath the often choppy waters of parenthood.

7. Date your partner – Dress yourself to feel fabulous or fabulously comfortable. Choose a place that lets you laugh, talk, connect. Getting out in the world together without your children can feel exhilarating. Or, dedicate a night at home—once the kids are well asleep—to a late dinner, candlelight, favorite music, and really seeing one another as you talk.

8. Upgrade your media – The book or magazine that makes you most doubt yourself as a woman and a mother? Throw it out now!

9. Read for pleasure – Read a book for the love of a story. Romance? Chick lit? Young adult? Yes, yes, and yes! Whatever delights you and is easy to read. If you have a smart phone, the Kindle app makes it super-easy to pick up where you left off, and you’re likely to have your book with you anytime you end up with a few extra minutes.

10. Take a beauty break – Place your hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Enjoy 3 breaths. Open your eyes and with a soft gaze, see the beauty around you. Repeat!


35 Ways to Unwrap the Gift of Self-Care
{1 – 5}   {6 – 10}   {11 – 15}   {16 – 20}   {21 – 25}   {26 – 30}   {31 – 35}


Photo by Angelo Gonzalez  via Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en

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  1. Jennifer,

    I’m so glad that I stopped by today. I love #8 because media can wreck our day if we allow it.

    And it’s really important to read what we like. I love Laura Child’s tea mysteries.

    • I love #8! I just recently did just that: I subscribed to a bunch of science magazine instead of the typical women’s and parenting magazines. Such a nice chance of pace!

      Fellow Blogathon2012 participant

  2. This is a great list and thankfully I do two of these things already! I go to the Wildlife Sanctuary and just sit among the geese and feed them often. (when the weather is nice) Also, my husband Jon and I go on date night once a week, this is where we go out to a nice restaurant just the two of us and we can actually talk without being interrupted by the kids needs. Great list & post!!

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