7 Days of Self-Care: Day 6

This week, unwrap the gift of 35 ways to experience and appreciate self-care. Sometimes self-care is big, like spa day or date night. More often, it’s a state of mind that embraces you and centers you in compassion. Sometimes self-care requires a little planning. Other times, you simply need acknowledge the goddess that is *you* in the moment. Come back to your center, beloved. Remember that you are enough, just as you are, the crown Mama jewel.


“Self-care is the development of your highest self.” ~ Rachel Harris, PhD, author of 20-Minute Retreats: Revive Yourself in Just Minutes a Day with Simple, Self-Led Practices

5 more ways to elevate your self-care…

26. Indulge decadence
27. Cease judging
28. Transform your bath
29. Exercise
30. Don’t exercise

26. Indulge decadence – Dark chocolate, fine wine, aged cheese … give in to whatever delights your sense of taste. Set some boundaries around the indulgence, and then give yourself over to it fully and mindfully. Set the scene. Notice the texture on your tongue. Savor the taste in your mouth. Turn up your attention 1,000% and take pleasure in your indulgence.

27. Cease judging – Repeat an old behavior that feels kind of crummy? Mess up (again)? Worried that you said the wrong thing? Notice what kind of internal conversation you start up with yourself in those moments. If you’re criticizing or judging yourself, gently stop. Turn down the volume on your inner tirade, and let yourself off the hook with a kinder acknowledgment: “That’s what happened.” You don’t have to spin into some kind of positive thinking that may not feel authentic for you. This is about putting a stop to the damaging self-talk. It’s a great place to begin treating yourself with more kindness—and in turn, creating a more solid foundation of compassion that you can extend to others.

28. Transform your bath – Transform your bath/shower into personal spa time. Turn down the lights. Add candlelight. Apply a facial mask. Enjoy a whole-body exfoliation with a body brush. Massage your hands and feet. Add essential oils to your bath. Use the good towels. Stay warm—inside and out!

29. Exercise – In a gym, at the park, on your own, or with a friend, get your body moving for at least 30 minutes and break a sweat! Say hello to the endorphins!

30. Don’t exercise – Feeling mellow and quiet? Skip the gym and snuggle in. Sometimes it feels more truthful and kind to acknowledge your energy and your state of mind as it is. That’s different than just skipping your workout to do something else: Give yourself the same time and attention for resting that you would have spent at the gym.

35 Ways to Unwrap the Gift of Self-Care
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