Birth Story: Nicole’s Induction

Just before I moved to Nashville in January, I got this love note/birth story from one of the mamas who attended my prenatal yoga classes last year in Athens GA. Nicole had such youthful energy, nevermind that by medical standards she met the “advanced maternal age” criteria. Pshaw! I loved Nicole’s questions and observations in class each week. She has a curious nature, and was always wanting to learn more about what she was experiencing in her pregnancy. She was so very excited to be pregnant! Here’s what Nicole had to say about her experience with induction, epidural, and drawing her yoga practice into her labor and birth experience…

I gave birth to Jack at 36 weeks.  I was induced because of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), and the induction went GREAT!  I was very nervous, but the breathing and moving [I learned in prenatal yoga] helped me get through the induction to 6 centimeters (cm) dilated.  I went moment to moment.  At 6 cm, I had an epidural so they could do intrauterine monitoring and increase the pitocin.  I was terrified of the epidural, but it went well and Jack was born 3 hours later with 20 minutes of pushing.  I could feel the contractions and the delivery was easy.  I used what you taught us [in prenatal yoga] to help me through each step.  My mantra was always “safe birth, healthy baby” and Jack was strong throughout the entire process.  Thank you so much!  Jack is the best thing ever:)

Now, I clearly remember you telling us that we need to strengthen our arms and upper body so we can carry the baby. Words could not be more true as Jack likes to be held all the time!  He was 4lb 7oz at birth and [8 weeks later] is 8lb 1oz.

I just wanted to thank you for all you do for pregnant women.  I am someone who hasn’t been around many other pregnant women or babies and doesn’t have family nearby for support and your [prenatal yoga class] helped me so much!

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