How to Meditate

My friend Laura visited for a couple days this week, and she reminded me of something I experienced a few months ago: Meditation practice is simple.

I got that message from Zen priest Karen Maezen Miller, too, in her blog post “A Glimpse of Mindfulness.”

Laura said she’s been meditating for about 15 minutes each day, and lately, she’s noticed that she’s longing for even more time in meditation.

That was all the reminder I needed. A few months ago, I set a pretty-sounding alarm on my phone for just 5 minutes. I put my bum in a chair, feet on the floor, my hands in my lap, my spine up straight, and set my soft belly to deep breathing.

The minutes felt like seconds.

That was a first for me, that ease. But, it still wasn’t enough to bring me back again the next day. Too busy. Not enough time. Forgetting.

Also, blah blah blah. So many “reasons!” In the time I can explain it, I could sit instead!

I know I need meditation. I have needed it for a long time, and I will keep needing it.

Today, I’m accepting Laura’s and Karen’s invitation to sit again. Here’s a great video, from Karen’s practice center, about how to do it. Watch, and then sit with me, on your own, right where you are. Sit! I’d love to hear how it goes for you, dear mama.



Photo credit: Creative Commons some rights reserved by AlicePopkorn

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  1. Good post and video. I am one of those excuse makers. Thanks for the nudge.

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