The Moods of a Mama

It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “How do you wish to grow?”

I wish to grow more mindful of my moods.

Especially for when I am solo parenting, I want to grow more connected to my inner compass.

I wish to grow a better sense of how I’m moving through my mothering moods…

Happy and engaged with the children
Interested in the kiddos’ activities
Vaguely aware of their requests
Actively tuning out their 1,000th request for peanut butter
Slightly annoyed at being asked for help yet again
Irritated at their fussing
Fussing right along with them
Starting to lose it
Full-on mommy tantrum

…and what to do about them. On a good day, I breathe. I center. I practice in-the-moment self-care. I calm my body and give my attention, with love.

That kind of response feels so, so good! These two little girl people who’ve graced my life are amazing! They are worthy of my best, and I want to share my best with them. When we are all happy together, the moments are simply divine. Truly blissful or playful or hilarious or insightful or just stinkin’ cute. You know those moments? God, they’re good! And I absolutely mean that as a prayer of gratitude ~ God, they’re so, so good, these children! Thank you! I want to acknowledge and honor that with my full presence and whole heart. That’s how I want to grow.

So for those days I’m falling short, I wish to grow more mindful of my moods, of how they factor into my mothering, and what I can do to return to love.

What has worked for you? Do you have a favorite mood book to recommend? Foods that affect moods? Hormones that affect moods? Habits that send you swirling back through old patterns? Moon cycles that tug on the emotions?

That’s what I’m wishing for — guidance and clarity about making moods better.

How about you? How do you want to grow?

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you, for the greatest good of all concerned!


More about Wishcasting Wednesdays: Creative spirit Jamie Ridler, of Jamie Ridler Studios, has claimed the middle of the week as Wishcasting Wednesday: “Wishcasting Wednesday is a safe haven for wishes, a fertile field in which to plant wish seeds and have them witnessed and tended lovingly. It’s a place where magic begins … Make a wish: Dare to dream. What would happen if every week you made a wish? What magic might start to stir?”

Visit Jamie’s blog to inspire your own Wishcasting work!


Photo credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by shaferlens/Dave Shafer

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