Who’s the Swaddle Expert at Your Home?

Earlier this week, FitPregnancy posted a story about the right way to swaddle. When I shared it on the Mamahhh facebook page, moms weighed in right away! No surprise there: Moms and babies both seem to have strong opinions about being snuggled up this way:

  • “My first HATED being swaddled. He had to have his arms FREE and would fight until they were … the nurses thought it was so odd.  My second loved it!” ~ Kasondra from Texas
  • “It was the only thing that soothed him!” ~ Katie from Ohio
  • “It was a miracle worker for our baby! My husband became a professional baby-swaddler :D haha” ~ Rachel, world traveler
  • “Mine would kick and wiggle his way out eventually, he didn’t hate it but it didn’t seem to calm him either.” ~ Lisa from Georgia
  • “Worked beautifully for us and allowed for more sleep… About 3.5 months is when she decided she was too big for them.” ~ Alexis from Minnesota
  • “My girl loved to be swaddled. We used the sleep sack with the swaddle wrap. ” ~ Stephanie in Georgia

My husband was the swaddle expert in our house, and he did a fine job wrapping up our babies! ♥ Our first-born enjoyed being swaddled more than our second. Then again, our second didn’t like sleeping much anyway!

Moms-to-be, encourage your partner to become the swaddling expert. (Check this video, too.) Of course, you’ll want to know how to swaddle as well, but cheering on your partner to become the swaddle-and-sleep expert has some very nice benefits. Most importantly: It’s a huge relief to know you both have skills to cope with baby’s middle-of-the-night wakings!



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