Our Quest to Create Family Traditions

Along with new motherhood came a realization that I wanted –and needed– more tradition and ritual in my life. Growing up, my family ate dinner together nearly every night (thanks, mom and dad!). We managed a Great American Roadtrip every summer. And all the major holidays had their celebratory meals and family visits.

The gist of some of those habits have carried over into my adult life. But there was a good 10+ year lull between my childhood life and creating my own family, and I’ve noticed a few gaps in our family rituals. So I’ve been searching for prayers, celebrations, and traditions that resonate with my family.

At my daughters’ school, at lunch, they say a simple, heartfelt blessing in English and Spanish. It seems to have really made an impression on them. And it makes an impression on me that they ask to say it at home.

Via Pinterest, I found this image of their school blessing, handpainted as a sweet sign of gratitude. The Etsy shop Patti’s Primitives isn’t making this one anymore, but I’m thinking about putting in a special request, just in case :-)

Thank you for the food before us, the friends beside us, and the love between us.

What traditions and rituals have you introduced since giving birth? Share in the comments!


Photo credit, main image: © Larisa Bochkareva | Dreamstime.com


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