On Labor Day, A Birth Rally

On Labor Day, women and families in more than 100 cities around the country rallied for what ought to be a given: evidence-based maternity care. In my hometown, Nashville TN, more than a hundred people gathered along West End in Centennial Park for our Rally for Change —organized by local doula Holly Heveron-Smith. The solid show of support speaks to the vibrant and dedicated community of birth doulas, midwives, educators, and advocates who dedicate themselves to making birth better for women and their babies.

The demands of evidence-based maternity care aren’t extreme:Nashville Rally for Change - Dignity

  • No inductions unless medically indicated
  • No inductions for “big baby”
  • Interventions only when medically necessary
  • Movement for mama and intermittent monitoring of baby
  • Vaginal birth after cesarean

But practicing evidence-based maternity care nationwide could make an extreme difference for birthing women, who have a 32.8% chance of Cesarean surgical birth in the US and 34.2% here in Tennessee.

Some of the messages shared at the Rally:

  • Evidence-Based Birth
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
  • Lower The C-Section RateNashville Birth Rally for Change - Birth is Beautiful
  • Know Your Options
  • Birth Matters

Nashville’s Rally for Change in the news!

Channel 4 – Nashville Rally Aimed at Expectant Mothers

Channel 5 – Birth Rally Held on Labor Day

The Tennessean – Moms Rally for Better Births

Nashville Rally for Change - Holly Heveron-SmithExpecting mamas can become part of the evidence-based solution by actively learning about and preparing for birth. Resources such as prenatal yoga (check out the Mamahhh.com classes & workshops page for my classes in Nashville), doula care, home or hospital-based midwifery care, and childbirth education classes are excellent resources for information and support.

Nashville Birth Rally for Change - Evidence-Based CareMamas, you can also help support the movement for evidence-based when you share your story … Your happy birth stories offer hope and inspiration, and your hard stories remind us why rallies like these matter so much for the quality and safety of births to come. What’s your birth story?

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