One Year, One Circle, One Commitment

The momentum is building for a year-long women’s circle here in Nashville! Based on the book Birthing Ourselves into Being, by Baraka Elihu, this weekly women’s circle has the potential to make your dreams crystal clear, seriously & sweetly upgrade your self-care, and create lasting bonds with other women.

I experienced this circle with 9 other women in Athens, Georgia, in 2011. Our group was facilitated by Baraka at womanspace. For me, connecting in a shared sacred space with a dedicated group of women week after week enriched my life spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Time after time, the circle granted sweet gifts:

  • Inspiration one week, perspective the next.
  • An occasional love-tap to really get moving on a challenging change.
  • Rituals to sweeten the deep work of change.
  • And life upgrades by the dozen for my self-care, my marriage, my parenting, and my work.

The Challenge of a Year-Long Commitment

As you consider this invitation into greater self-care and a whole-life upgrade, you may run up against the issue of the commitment. Every week? For a YEAR?

The interest is there: support for transformation, discovery, and personal growth?


And then reality sets in: Aren’t I always on the go? I travel a lot. Aren’t I always busy?

Yes, it may be true that you’re always on the go. It’s also true that your personal growth and your dreams are worth investing in. The fascinating question is how can these two truths complement each other?

Writing the Answer

One of the powerful practices I learned through various women’s circles during my time at womanspace is timed writing. When the ink flows for a few minutes, my brain and heart get hooked up in just the right way to reveal answers, information, and inspiration. Seeing that on paper gives me time to sit with my thoughts and feelings in a clear and productive way.

If you’re feeling called to the year-long Nashville Birthing Ourselves into Being women’s circle, but feeling stuck or unsure about the commitment, I encourage you to try this practice:

1. Clear a space to sit comfortably. Grab a great pen and your journal or notebook. At the top of the page, write:

What I really want to say about dedicating 90 minutes to myself every week for a year is…

2. Set a timer for 7 minutes. Turn down the volume on your inner censor. Keep your breath up.

3. Go! Start writing! For 7 minutes, keep your pen moving and let yourself explore what thrills you about a circle, what scares you about the commitment, the logistical issues you’re sorting out, what might trip you up during the year, and ultimately, what gifts you think the circle will bring to your life.

 4. Put your pen down. Take a breath. Read. Reflect. Underline the passages that deeply resonate.

To be honest, I had doubts too when I signed up for the 2011 Birthing Ourselves into Being circle. It wasn’t my own commitment that I doubted—by the time the invitation showed up in my life, I was on fire with excitement about the opportunity!—but I was nervous about the logistics burden on my family. Talking with my husband about this made my breath catch, despite the fact that he is consistently supportive. I was scared to request the investment in me. That kind of blew my mind!

My weekends already included stepping away from family time to teach a yoga class; would my partner be willing to give me another couple hours for a women’s circle, too? Part of my process in committing to my women’s circle experience was being able to articulate to him what this meant to me—even before I fully understood it myself.

What the Circle Holds

I honor the woman in me who worried about committing to a year-long weekly woman’s circle. I respect and appreciate her sense of responsibility and regard for family. I’m filled with gratitude for her daring to request the time and support for this personal practice. And I’m so glad she now has, I now have, the countless gifts—compassion, sisterly love, an outlet for fears and mistakes, a cheering section for courageous leaps and daring dreams—that came from a year of circling.

The 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being Nashville women’s circle has seats for 10 women. Are you one of them? I’ll share all the logistics, details, and application for the circle here on the blog next week. Until then, let your heart wonder: What are you birthing into being, beloved woman?


Update! Get all the details about the circle, and contact Jenni for an application to the 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being circle!





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