Katy Bowman on the Sexy Back Encore!


Go right now to the Sexy Back Summit for Encore Day! Katy Bowman‘s session “The Painful Pelvis, the Paleo Pelvis, and Sex.” is online FREE for TODAY 5/25/13 ONLY! {{UPDATE! Extended to 5/26, plus more from the Sexy Back Summit at http://sexybacksummit.com/dr-daniel-kalish/ }}

Katy is a mother, and a wicked smart biomechanical scientist, and –bonus!– she is darn funny. Katy is a Pelvic Floor Specialist who got her start in grad school talking about “vaginal expulsion,” which may be the most fabulously nerdy way ever of saying “giving birth.”

My introduction’s to Katy’s work was at the 2012 Trust Birth conference, and I’ve been liking all her facebook posts ever since. Pregnant moms who attend my prenatal yoga classes in Nashville often hear me reference Katy’s explanation of why sitting is the new smoking, and why you can stop with the kegels.

Her Sexy Back presentation is a great introduction to how our modern lives are at odds with our natural biomechanics–and what to do about it. A hint: “Chilling out is really great for pelvic floor disorders.”

OK, enough here — go listen!


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