Hello, June. Let’s Blog-a-Thon!


Happy June, y’all! With the end of the school year, tornadoes pummeling my hometown, and a bunch of eclipses, May has been filled with big feelings. There has been a lot of letting go, and a lot of gearing up for the summer to come. Now feels like the time to take a deep breath, call in a lot of grace and ease, and open my arms to June … summertime, weddings, babies, summer camp, and daylight that goes on and on and on. Yes!

I’m also going to be spending a little more time here on the blog, at Mamahhh.com. For the past few years, I’ve participated in Michelle Rafter’s WordCount Blogathon, and I’m in again this year. I’ll be digging in to some questions that have come up for me as a prenatal yoga teacher. I’ll be searching my heart for insight and laughter around this fabulous parenting adventure my children are providing. And I’ll be calling in more self-care support than I think I need — because it’s finally sinking in that I need a whole.lot.more. self-care than I’ve dared to admit!

So, let me know what birth-baby-and-beyond questions have been on your mind. I’m happy to dig in to the research, my personal journey, and some of your experiences to share them here at Mamahhh!

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  1. Hello, I just stopped by from the Blogathon. What a lovely blog you have. My days of young ones are long past but I love yoga and the balance it brings. Wish I had known about this as a very stressed single mom!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Nancy! In addition to posts about pregnancy and parenting, you’ll find self-care inspiration here, too — helpful for all women of all ages!

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