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TL CatholicI’m so excited to share a guest post from mama blog TLCatholic later this week! She’ll be sharing her birth story (although I hear she’s having a hard time choosing which of the four to share!) She’s a …

30-something once-convent-aspiring multipara; raised in the charismatic movement as a child; homeschooled through high school; graduate of small conservative college, majoring in Theology, English, while learning aliquis Latin; international student and European traveler with husband; RA and Crohn’s fighter; Montessori teacher, editor, quasi-journalist and photographer, now at-home ecumenical but Tridentine Rite loving mom, mystery shopper, milk-maker, and recent convert to Creightonism from NFP. Passionate hater of run-on sentences, the improper use of ellipsis… And sentence fragments. Available for online writing and editing work, talks for mostly-friendly audiences, amateur acting/singing or professional voice-overs, and for all conversations religious and/or lactational.

Which totally reminds me of just amazingly multi-dimensional we all are as women and mothers — and that whatever our beliefs or views,

we all birth.

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