Outsource Your Self-Care?!

A post I shared on my facebook page yesterday really resonated with women:

Every Monday morning, when it’s time to head out for the weekly yoga class I enjoy attending but struggle to get to, I have to remind myself that this act of self-care is important: I am worth it. I’ll be a nicer person to be around. I’ll be more efficient and effective in all I do today. This – me – taking care of me – is valuable!

The tough truth about self-care is that no one can do it for us. You can’t outsource tending to your own heart. (And, really, why would you want to?! This work is juicy, dreamy, and richly rewarding!) With the encouragement of your inner Wise Woman, your inner self-care goddess can rise up through the chatter of the choppy surface of your mind with this one, loving reminder:

You’re worth it.

You. Are. Worth. Nurturing!

Mamahhh Self Care Bubble BathYes, it’s work, and no, you can’t pay someone else to do it for you. But you can sure find a lot of inspiration for it online and in community!

I want to share with you two things that showed up in my email today. Both reminded me how valuable it is to take care with my heart, and pointed the way to some self-care inspiration:


  1. A note from Curvy Yoga shared the news of the Go Love Yourself Ultimate Self-Care Package of inspiration from more than 20 women dedicated to the practice of self-care. Wild Sister put this together, and the guidance and inspiration covers meditation, peace, body image, wellness, color, cooking, intuition, yoga and more. (It’s $97, and $5 of each order supports young women who will be the first in their family to graduate. Available this week only.)
  2. A note from Renee Trudeau, author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal, inspired me with this gem:

“Last week I connected with some powerful national presenters and we discussed the concept of self-care. Like many, they see self-care as something you “should do” for your physical health (exercise, eat well, get enough sleep), but that’s where it ends. They were curious when I shared that I define self-care as the art of attuning and responding to your needs and desires, moment to moment.

Pick up an onion and hold it in your palm. For me, self-care would be the outer layer, then a few layers deeper, you’ll find self-compassion (as you learn to accept yourself warts and all), then a few layers beyond that you’d arrive at the holy grail: self-love. I see self-care as the first doorway we go through to begin to truly accept who we are, and ultimately, to begin to love ourselves.”

The art of attuning and responding to your needs and desires, moment to moment. Isn’t that glorious?! Renee’s newest book brings that practice into the home space – Nurturing the Soul of Your Family.

For my self-care today (tip-toeing onto the heartpath to 12 hours of self-care this week!), I spent an hour with my mentor, completed 27 minutes of Yoga Nidra, and have a lunch date with my husband. It’s making the day’s stresses feel manageable!

What’s on your self-care buffet today, wise woman? Share in the comments!

Photo © Andres Rodriguez | Dreamstime.com

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