Sacred Stones for Birth

Mamahhh Birthing Necklace of Sacred StonesMy birthing necklace is a sacred treasure from my daughter’s birth. The necklace is made from the stones, gems, and charms given by my circle of women friends and guides. Having that necklace present during birth, I felt so connected to their hopes and dreams for me.

That circle of stones also helped me feel connected to the grand circle of women who have birthed through the ages—the grandmothers of our grandmothers. I am not the first to birth; I am not the last. I am perfectly held on this journey to meet my daughter. I am in my perfect place in the spiral of women who birth.

Offering a heartfelt and meaningful blessing to a mama at her blessingway or baby shower is simple to do with sacred stones. Sharing the symbolism of a gem or stone lets a mama know that you’ve put intention and care into choosing this blessing for her.

Stones don’t have to be turned into a necklace to be a beautiful gift. A single stone powerfully focuses attention onto one intention. A single stone can be kept close in a pocket, to keep mama’s blessing right at her fingertips. A sacred stone can be secured to a pretty gift card inscribed with the meaning. Or a single stone can be placed in a sunny spot, with a beautiful plant, or on an altar. A few stones gives together can be part of a bracelet or necklace, or collected in a small dish to blend their meanings into one powerful blessing.

Mother Rising: The Blessingway Journey into Motherhood shares meanings of gems, stones, and shells (along with so much good guidance for ceremony!). Their list is so helpful! Here are a few favorites, their meanings from Mother Rising, and how I see them supporting a pregnant mama goddess!


  • MEANING: Strength and bravery. Grounding. Helps with morning sickness. Gives mama the ability to discern the truth and accept circumstances.
  • MAMA SUPPORT: Helpful to the woman who’s concerned about making decisions with her care provider, or worried that she may not have the birth she really wants.



  • MEANING: Heals, soothes, and harmonizes. Protects health and keeps her in a spiritual state of mind.
  • MAMA SUPPORT: A good reminder to connect with your heart; helpful to the mama who feels she “overthinks” things.



  • MEANING: Eases stress and raises hope. Supports her connection to the divine. Protects and calms while releasing negative thought patterns.
  • MAMA SUPPORT: Supportive of the mama feels some fear coming in. That might be from hearing scary birth stories or experiencing a negative birth or other trauma.



  • MEANING: Grounds and heals. Dissolves negative energy. Decreases inflammation.
  • MAMA SUPPORT: Helpful to the woman who’s had a challenging pregnancy. Helpful to women who don’t feel as supported by their family and friends as they’d like to be.



  • MEANING: Relieves pain. Protects mother and child during birth. Reduces fear; enhances beauty.
  • MAMA SUPPORT: Every birthing mama deserves this support! Protection, free from fear, beauty, ease, YES!



  • MEANING: Courage and confidence, personal power
  • MAMA SUPPORT: Supports mama in experiencing an empowered birth.



  • MEANING: Heals the heart. Brings relaxation. Cultivates compassion.
  • MAMA SUPPORT: Helps put mama in a wonderful space for meeting her baby.


What sacred stones have you been given, or love to give? What symbolism has supported you on your pregnancy, birth, and mothering journey? Would love to hear from you!

IMAGES {necklace: Jennifer Derryberry Mann}{gemstones: © Martina Osmy |}

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  1. I always thought gems had healing power. I especially like rose quartz, it really helped once through a difficult period. Since then, I’ve always had it close to me.

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