Mother’s Circle: Release Your Fears

Nashville Mother's Circle

Will my baby be OK?  Will I need a Cesarean section?
How many more nights will this baby want to nurse every hour?
How am I going to make it through the day?
Can we afford that?   Will my job still be there?
Will I have a good relationship with my kids when they grow up?
Does my spouse even like me any more?!
What are we going to do when…

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Breathe, mama. Enjoy a soft sigh, and let yourself rest a minute. The endless questions, anxieties, and worries are expressions of fear. Some fears are personal, reflections of our own experiences and beliefs. And some are cultural, courtesy of supermom expectations, the mommy wars, and judgments about breastfeeding or not, staying at home or not, working or not…

Join the next Mother’s Circle to hold safe, sacred space for acknowledging the fears that chip away at the joy of motherhood.

Fear zaps the energy we’d otherwise have for enjoying our loved ones right now. Wouldn’t it be sweet for the fear to fizzle out so the joy can bubble up? What if our energy was freely available to enjoy our children? To put our attention on giving thanks for the adults who help us parent? To marvel at ourselves as Mothers?

At this mother’s circle for releasing fear, moms-to-be and moms of all ages will gather to listen to one another, share insights, journal, and participate in a simple, meditative ceremony to name and release our personal and cultural fears around mothering. Join us! Come share what’s on your heart about pregnancy, birth, parenting, empty nesting, and all the edgy and beautiful moments in between.

Mother’s Circle :: Releasing Fears :: 10/17/2013
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  • 7pm-8:30pm * Thursday, October 17, 2013
  • The Nesting Place in Berry Hill, 605 Berry Road, Nashville TN
  • Facilitated by mom and circle leader Jenni Derryberry Mann
  • $10/person. Space is limited. Sign up now!


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