Birthing Ourselves into Being 2014

Each one of us has a vision of the life we know we could be living “if only…”

Do you hear the call of the woman you are becoming?

Are you longing for connection and support from women who will witness your true self?

Are you ready to go from dreaming the dream to living the dream?

Then join us for Birthing Ourselves into Being 2014.

This year-long course draws on the metaphor of birth and the intrinsic ways women create to see you through the process of conception, gestation, and birthing yourself into being. We are living in a dynamic, super-charged time and each of us feels the shifts within and without. Now is the perfect time to harness that energy of change and let it pull you exactly where you want to be. So we want to know, what is the beautiful, bright, big picture vision you hold of your life?

As a participant of Birthing Ourselves into Being you will receive:

  • Weekly circles with a group of like-minded women dedicated to the path of growth and Nashville women's circleempowerment.
  • Monthly individual sessions with facilitators Jennifer Derryberry Mann and Emi Canahuati to anchor our group work in the most meaningful way for your specific process.
  • Ongoing, online support in a private Facebook forum where you can check in whenever you need encouragement, inspiration, or feedback. (Check out the event listing on Facebook to share.)
  • Monthly Rites of Passage pulled from the book to nurture the art of sacred ceremony that most of us so long for.
  • A range of Exploratory Exercises to deepen your experience and understanding of each month’s theme.

Throughout 2014, our work will contribute to a second edition of the book “Birthing Ourselves into Being.” The revised and expanded edition aims to be a definitive guide to sacred women’s circles, and you are invited to be a part of the collaboration. We hope to fill this year’s circle with women ready to offer their gifts to Birthing Ourselves into Being, 2nd Ed.

Birthing Ourselves into Being is for you if:

  • You have been in the midst of transformation for so long and are finally ready to take the leap.
  • You understand the importance of self-care but need help seeing what “putting yourself first” would really look like in daily life.
  • You are searching for a spiritual home base that celebrates the Sacred Feminine in a real, grounded way.
  • You long to feel unconditionally loved and take your place in a Tribe where your gifts are honored and appreciated.

You don’t have to make it happen alone.

Read what women have to say the lasting and life-changing support from the Birthing Ourselves into Being circle.

When you take your place in Birthing Ourselves into Being you are instantly tapped in to a deep well of support and love. There is something magical about the way women hold space for one another, and every Sunday you have the opportunity to be held in that space of deep listening, compassion, and welcoming.  Imagine how that would change your life.  Through the week we keep the connection strong with the online group. And every month you get an extra dose of support from your individual session with Jenni or Emi.  This is the level of nurturing we require when releasing the old and birthing the new.  The bonds of sisterhood we create will last forever.

Our year together will follow the curriculum set forth in Birthing Ourselves into Being.

Each week will bring theme-specific exercises, discussions, and Rites of Passage to take you step by step through the process of bringing your vision into reality.  Our journey will follow this path:

January ~ Reweaving the Story of Your Own Birth
February ~ Sexuality and the Creative Force of Change
March ~ Fertility
April ~ Conception: Courting the Miracle of Change
May ~ First Trimester: Initiation, Identity, and Self-Esteem
June ~ Second Trimester: Flowing with the Present
July ~ Third Trimester: At the Edge of Transformation
August ~ Birth
September ~ Postpartum: Movement into Mothering
October ~ Aging
November ~ Death
December ~ Birthing the World into Being


Candles and flower & herb infused water from our June 2013 Rite of Passage

Candles and flower & herb infused water ~ from the “Flowing with the Present” Rite of Passage


“It is time.  And we are ready.”

The 2014 Tribe is forming!  Next year may seem far off but the group is beginning to take shape now.  In fact we’ll begin scheduling your first sessions before the holidays and we’ll be hosting a kick- off party on December 14th where the Circle will gather for the first time.  We want you to be perfectly poised to dive into our work in January!


Birthing Ourselves into Being will meet every Sunday throughout 2014, beginning January 12th,  from 1pm til 2:30pm. We will have occasional, seasonal breaks. 

Circle is held at the Nesting Place, 605 Berry Road, Nashville TN.

Cost for the year long program is 3 installments of $640.  The first payment is due upon registration, the second on April 6th, the third on August 3th.  Participants who pay in full upon registration will receive a discount of $120 and pay only $1,800 for the year. Alternate payment plans can be considered on a case-by-case basis. A deposit is required with application, and payment must be completed by August 3rd.

Space in Birthing Ourselves into Being is very limited with no more than 10 seats available. If you would like to be a part of our 2014 group please email your application request to Jenni. Your spot is reserved when your application is accepted and your first payment is received. {Just a few spots remain, as of 12/7/13!}

Our mission for the year-long circle is to serve the whole woman, and the BOiB 2014 package does exactly that. We are ever amazed by the community of women in Nashville, and our intention is to bring you a one-of-a-kind circle that is as extraordinary as you are!  Want to chat with us to see if this endeavor is the right fit for you?  Please reach out, we know what a high level of commitment this is and we’re here to answer any questions you have as you make the decision.

with love and support,
Jenni and Emi

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