Coping With Pregnancy and Infant Loss

October 15 is a day of remembrance for Pregnancy and Infant Loss. When parents lose a baby, support is available. Loss Doulas are specifically trained to help parents honor the loss and move through the experience. Loss Doula International identifies these foundational beliefs for loss doulas:

  • Every child is precious, no matter the child’s size or length of gestation.
  • Pregnancy and infant loss requires supportive guidance from well-trained individuals who understand the magnitude of pregnancy and infant loss.
  • Families should have resources available to them to make informed decisions as they bring their child into the world.
  • Parents deserve sensitivity, compassion, and appropriate information when given the bad news.
  • Parents need proper preparation and support when they are told their baby has died (whether in miscarriage, stillbirth, or other early infant death).
  • Parents should be cared for in a respectful and supportive environment when saying Hello and Goodbye to their precious baby.
  • Parents should be prepared well before being admitted to, or leaving, the hospital.
  • Parents need to be given appropriate, well-researched on-going support resources.
  • Loss Doulas/Parent Advocates add a unique perspective to the hospital care-giving team. Loss Doulas provide emotional and decision-making help so others may focus on the necessary medical care.
  • Peer support parents should be made available to newly bereaved parents as soon as possible and for ongoing support.
  • The parents workplace should be welcoming, and managers and colleagues should be aware of the loss and understand how to help.
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