Birthing Ourselves into Being Women’s Circle: “Exactly What I Needed”

Wife, mother, and businesswoman Kristy May participated in Nashville’s 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being women’s circle. Here, in her own words, Kristy speaks about the meaning circle work has held for her, and ultimately for her family, this year:

“The invitation to participate in the Birthing Ourselves Into Being Women’s Circle came at a time in my life when major changes were on the forefront and big decisions had to be made. Although I was hesitant of a weekly commitment for an entire year, it was exactly what I needed to work through all that was surfacing during this pivotal time.

The strong connections with the other women, the security of being able to share deeply personal aspects of my life in confidence, relentless support from my circle sisters, and the notion that radical self-care should be a priority, provided me with so much comfort and clarity. I have been able to witness truthful, sometimes painful, realizations for myself, and also for others as they trekked along on their own individual journeys. This has strengthened my resolve and increased my confidence in moving forward.

Being with such wonderful women, each with their own story and unique perspective, has made this year of sitting in circle extraordinarily special.  It has benefited me, and inevitably my family, in countless ways. I will always be grateful for this life-changing experience.”

Our 2014 Birthing Ourselves into Being Nashville women’s circle is now forming! We want you to be part of the radical self-care, the comfort and clarity, and the remarkable year that awaits!

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