Birthing Ourselves into Being: “Freedom to be Vulnerable”

Emi Canahuati Nashville women's circleEmi Canahuati is a wife, mother, sexuality health educator, and a participant in the 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being women’s circle in Nashville. For years, Emi has helped people thrive by educating them about the healthy, vibrant role sexuality plays in creating a happy, fulfilled life. But even as she was helping others take care of themselves, Emi realized she wasn’t always tending to her own happiness and well-being. Here, Emi explains how she connected with her inner strength by dedicating a year to deepening her relationship with her own heart:

“I didn’t know spaces like this Circle existed, how much I need self-care or even what it really was. As a woman, wife and mother it has often been hard to remember to take care of myself. I had never heard the term radical self-care until I came into contact with Jenni and the practice of circling. Being a part of this circle not only guaranteed I did something for myself weekly, I am now much more conscious and intentional about taking care of myself.  I really learned the practice of self-compassion and self-love. This practice has given me the strength to move through obstacles that would have stopped me in the past. The experience of sitting with women whom I know held a compassionate and confidential space, also gave me the freedom to be real and vulnerable in ways that had been hard in the past.

As I considered the end of the circle, I realized this was a practice and experience that I wanted to continue, and Jenni honored me by asking to co-facilitate the 2014 circle with her. This experience will not only help me to continue my high-quality self-care, but will allow me to witness and learn from other women who are committed to birthing the kind of life and woman they want to be.”

The 2014 Birthing Ourselves into Being Nashville women’s circle is now forming! We want you to be part of the radical self-care, the compassionate and confidential support, and the remarkable year that awaits! Email circle facilitator Jenni Derryberry Mann to request an application today.

Read more about women’s experience with the Birthing Oursevles into Being circle:


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