Birthing Ourselves into Being: What Women Say

A group of women commit to gathering weekly to share sacred space with one another for one year, witnessing each woman’s natural gifts and appreciating one another in the present moment. Nothing to do or become. Nothing to fix or change. No judgment or advice. A practice of compassion and collaboration. A gentle accountability to putting self-care first. A dip into the healing, rejuvenating energy of the Sacred Feminine. Great transformation and love flows forth. That’s Birthing Ourselves into Being.


From the heart, here’s what the women of Nashville’s Birthing Ourselves into Being 2013 would like you to know about the Circle:


“This circle has been an exercise in true friendship. Through the practice of listening without dwelling on rescuing one another … and the practice of speaking consciously and clearly from heart, I have learned how to be a better friend. I say “practice” because we are never perfect, and we are sometimes quite messy; but every single week, I left knowing that my friends still love me and that I love them, and that –at the very least– I would see them next Sunday at 1:00.”
–Alexa Clay {read more from Alexa}

“Being with such wonderful women, each with their own story and unique perspective,
has made this year of sitting in circle extraordinarily special.  It has benefited me, and inevitably my family, in countless ways. I will always be grateful for this life-changing experience.”
–Kristy May {read more from Kristy}

“I am now much more conscious and intentional about taking care of myself.
I really learned the practice of self-compassion and self-love. This practice has given me the strength
to move through obstacles that would have stopped me in the past. The experience of sitting with women
whom I know held a compassionate and confidential space, also gave me
the freedom to be real and vulnerable in ways that had been hard in the past.”
–Emi Canahuati {read more from Emi}

“All of Jenni’s circles are magic — a place for truth telling, laughing, crying and receiving deep support.
However, the year-long circle brews a special kind of magic made from each woman’s commitment
to her own growth and to witnessing her sisters’ journeys as well.”
–Lyle Harvey

“Despite having lived in Nashville for nearly 3 years I was still searching for a sense of community.
I’d built up a lot of resistance to allowing myself to settle here.
With my entire family living on the other side of the country
I found myself closed off to the idea of putting down roots in the South.
Our circle has opened my heart
and allowed me to be vulnerable in a safe space.”
–Brittany Anderson

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For more information and all the details, click here. There’s still time. Your seat is waiting!

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Read more Circle love notes from our circle-sisters at womanspace, in Athens, Georgia,
where Birthing Ourselves into Being originated.

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