Wise Woman Circle :: Compassionate Self-Care

WiseWomanCircle-BasicJoin us for a seasonal Wise Woman Circle to celebrate and contemplate COMPASSIONATE SELF-CARE, and the personal transformation that it creates. This Circle is open to all women.

Friday, September 12, 7:30pm, Berry Hill/Nashville.

Seating is limited. Reserve your space now:

Join in for this grassroots evening of holding sacred space, simple conversation, and gently listening in to the truths and questions of each woman’s heart, mind, and spirit. We’ll hold space for inspiration and inquiry around self-care… How do you replenish yourself? What happens when you’re depleted? What opens up when there’s time for *YOU*? How does a Wise Woman care for her own heart, so she can be more present with those she loves?

Friday Sept. 12
The Nesting Place Acupuncture Center, 605 Berry Rd, Nashville, TN 37204
::bring a notebook & pen::
Reservations required.

Circle is facilitated by Jenni Derryberry Mann, mother, yoga teacher, life coach, and women’s circle devotee. If you’ve been craving community, feeling isolated, or considering connecting through some of Jenni’s in-depth retreat and circle offerings, this is a perfect place to join in and sample the self-care practice of simply *being* at ease and feeling enough, exactly as you already are.

Join us!

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