The Brilliant Mama Blog Tour

12 Mamas. 12 Days.
Dozens of ways
to be Brilliant!


Being a mom is profound, challenging, and amazing.
It brings you to your knees one moment, and sends your heart soaring the next. Jennifer Derryberry Mann headshot

Between the mothering highs and lows, we give thanks for encouraging words, mothering tips and tools, inspiring stories, and the simple gift of acknowledgment.


Another mother saying,
“I’ve been there. I hear you!”
is good medicine for a mama’s heart.

That’s why I’ve invited 12 Nashville mamas to join together & share what reminds them of their brilliance as they spend their days mothering, and mothering mothers.

After all, community makes the spiraling journey through motherhood easier and lighter. A circle of mamas, lifting you up. Mama girlfriends lighting the way forward (and through … and back around again!). There may not be a clearcut path here, but thankfully, you can follow your heart all the way.

You know you can’t go solo. Maybe you’ve heard from a friend or even lived through your own days that feel too alone in mama-land. In the first months, postpartum depression may cast a shadow. As the littles get bigger, you catch yourself yelling … more than you ever thought you would.

Without a little light here and there, the heaviness of fatigue weighs your heart down. Way down. Until you hardly recognize yourself. Ugh.

Need a light for your heart?


Being the mama doesn’t have to feel so damn difficult!

With perspective, encouragement and good will, dear mama, you’ll remember the truth:

Somewhere in the grand mystery, you and your little one connected for life. And you can feel that connection with each morning sun, and every rising moon. Because you are enough, just as you are.

Your child yearns for you with a love like none other. Your attention is your love, and you know exactly how to give it with grace. In the heart of your heart, you *are* brilliant.

Take a breath, mama, and let your shoulders soften.

  • You are surrounded by good mamas who will help light your way back to Mother Love, your natural brilliance. We all lose our way from time to time (even multiple times in the same day!). Opening to inspiration and encouragement from the mamas in our community sparks the light and love we long to share within our families.
  • Women have been mothering for ages. So you don’t have to figure this out by yourself! From ancient wisdom to the latest tools and new ideas, mama knows!

That’s the gift of the Brilliant Mama Blog Tour!

It’s not easy to claim your own brilliance. Acknowledging your own gifts often feels edgy – surely, we’re just bragging if we talk about what went well or if we give voice to our ah-ha! moments. Won’t we sound like we’re out to one-up another mother?

Let’s put an end to that thinking right now! We’re all in this together, raising this generation of sons and daughters, charting a new path forward for intentional births, conscious parenting, and healthier living.

The Brilliant Mama Blog Tour invites you to sit down with 12 mamas in 12 days. Grab your coffee (or tea, or wine!) and pull up a chair to listen in as they share dozens of ways that they’ve connected with their shining spirit: the brilliant side of parenting, their own brilliance in a tough moment, the brilliant upgrade made in body image, daring to be brilliant at work, daring YOU to go deep & be brilliant too.

These everyday beauty-mamas write to you direct from the frontlines of mothering. These are their real stories about what lights up their lives.

Over the next 12 days, you’ll hear exactly what makes these mamas feel brilliant. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Better body image. One mama has dedicated her work and her mothering to instill in her daughter a brilliant sense of having a healthy, happy sense of her body.
  • The love of food. A homesteading mama shares how slowing down has helped her family fill up on healthy foods and a full serving of love.
  • Empowered birth. A childbirth educator & mother of three shares her deepest sense of wonder about her best birth
  • And a lot more! I can’t wait for you to see what mamas have to say about letting go of mommy guilt, using social media for the good of the family, tuning in to what matters most, and more more more!!!

Join us on the Brilliant Mama blog tour! You’ll be reminded of your own natural brilliance, and we hope you’ll be inspired to tap into your inner awesomeness. WE know you’re brilliant, and as you travel the blog tour with us, we hope you’ll remember YOU’RE BRILLIANT TOO, MAMA!

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